Example “Key Events” Timeline

Countdown to April 2, 2020








Right Now To-Do’s

Get Started

Set Up Fundraiser

Get Ahead of the Curve

  • Sign Up for the NWA Gives Training Sessions
  • Plan a “Thank You Campaign” to thank all existing donors for their impact (before asking for more!)
  • Consider planning in-person event at your nonprofit office on April.

Key Events Timeline

October 2019


  • Establish NWA Gives 2020 Plan
  • Determine Impact Story & Creative Needs for NWA Gives 2020
  • Assign NWA Gives 2020 Roles and Responsibilities within Organization
  • Attend NWA Gives Training
  • Complete Set Up of NWA Gives 2020 Fundraiser

Key Dates & Events

November 2019


  • Build NWA Gives 2020 Marketing, Social Media, and Communications Plan

Key Dates & Events

  • November 1, 2019 – Early Bird Registration Deadline (Register before Nov 1st to qualify for Early Bird Prize Money)
  • November 7, 2019 – NWA Gives Training #4 “Marketing, Social Media, & Communications
December 2019


  • Focus on Year-End Fundraising

Key Dates & Events

January 2020


  • Understand Year-End Fundraising Impact and Financial Needs/Gaps.
  • Evaluate donor criteria for NWA Gives 2020 Ask.
  • Establish NWA Gives 2020 email list of potential donors.
  • Video and/or Graphics Created (i.e. Video of Executive Director explaining NWA Gives and sharing impact goal and fundraising goal).

Key Dates & Events

February 2020


  • Identify and communicate with major donors, advocates & influencers who can share your message.
  • Pursue matching gifts from Board, major donors and/or corporate partners.

Key Dates & Events

March 2020


  • Final NWA Gives Plans Confirmed.
  • Final Donor Confirmation for Matching Grants.
  • Final Communications ready

Key Dates & Events

April 2020


  • Final Run-Down of NWA Gives Execution Plan

Key Dates & Events

  • April 2nd – NWA Gives 2020!
NWA Gives Giving Day 2020!!!


  • Execute
  • Execute
  • Execute
  • Celebrate

Key Dates & Events

  • 8am Email – “Today is the day!” Giving Day Kick Off Message

    • Explain the goals: impact goal & fundraising goal

    • Explain what the day will look like: key times & events

  • Throughout the Day:

    • Call and/or Text to Remind Board and Key Givers

    • Login to Pure Charity to see live updates on your giving totals and who has given

    • Social Media Updates: Video, Graphics, Total $ Raised Updates, etc.

    • Thank you videos: Share quick smartphone thank you messages

    • Be available and prepared to answer donor questions.

    • NWA Gives will be doing live video all day from our social media accounts.

  • Mid-Day – Communication to “Let’s Keep Going!”

  • 8pm – Final Communication

Post NWA Gives


  • Finish Giving Day Well
  • Acknowledge Donors
  • Share Impact of Giving
  • Begin Donor Retention Strategies

Key Dates & Events

  • April 3rd – One last giving opportunity..

    • We have found that up to 10% to 15% more donations happen the day after the Giving Day. This is an opportunity to send out a “In case you were not able to give yesterday…” to those donors who may have forgotten to give on the Giving Day.

    • An early morning email to donors who did not give on the Giving Day (do not send to donors who gave on the Giving Day), could include 1) progress updates if short of fundraising goal, 2) impact by additional donations, or more.

    • This message is most effective where shared via email.

  • April 4th – “WE DID IT!”

    • Themed formal Thank You to Giving Day donors

  • April 7th: WE DID IT!”

    • themed formal Announcement to entire Nonprofit Mailing List of Giving Day Results

  • April 3rd to 15th

    • Send handwritten “thank you” notes and/or custom made “thank you” videos to donors.

  • May / June: “The impact you made!”

    • message to share the impact of how the Giving Day funds were used.

  • On-Going

    • Look for ongoing training events from the NWA Gives team.

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