Pure Charity is excited to support NWA Gives!

Pure Charity is proud to call Northwest Arkansas home, so this Giving Day is personal  This is about our community and the incredible nonprofits working everyday for meeting the needs in region.

Who is Pure Charity?

Based in Northwest Arkansas, Pure Charity exists to help nonprofits raise more money, better care for your donors, and operate more efficiently.  Over the past six years, we have had the privilege of developing & supporting many Giving Days for our nonprofit partners.

What is Pure Charity’s Role?

Pure Charity is the technology solutions provider for NWA Gives to ensure every nonprofit and every donor has a great giving experience.  This includes providing fundraising tools, donation receipting, donor and nonprofit support, website security, PCI compliance, and fundraising training.

What do I need to do within Pure Charity to prepare for NWA Gives?

STEP 1 (If your nonprofit is not already registered, please click the button below)

Register for NWA Gives 

Once you register for NWA Gives (you probably already did), the Pure Charity team will create a verified nonprofit account on Pure Charity for your organization.  Once that nonprofit account is created, you will receive an email invitation to claim your nonprofit account.

This nonprofit account will serve as your dashboard to track donations, tell your story, view and download all your donor information, and more.

Registration for NWA Gives 2021 is Now Closed


Set up your Nonprofit account

To Create a Nonprofit Account with Pure Charity

If this is your first year with NWA Gives, you will need to follow these steps to create your Nonprofit account.

Step 2a:  Create a User Account with Pure Charity.  Note:  You will manage your Nonprofit Account from your User Account, so make sure you are signed into Pure Charity before creating taking Step 2b.


Step 2b:  Create a Nonprofit Account with Pure Charity.


Once your Nonprofit Account is verified with Pure Charity, you will receive a Verification Confirmation Email.  In the mean time, you can go ahead and move to creating your NWA Gives Fundraiser.

If you have any questions and/or issues, please contact help@nwagives.org.


To Log In to Your Nonprofit Account with Pure Charity

Once you log in to Pure Charity User Account you will land on your User Account Dashboard.

You are welcome to click around on this User Account Dashboard to set your contact info, upload a picture, set your admin notifications, track your personal giving, download donation receipts, and more.  The good news is that all NWA Gives donors will also be able to have an account just like this (we’ll talk more about this benefit later).

Please note:  Your individual User Account will be used to access your Field Partner Account (now that your organization has an account, we consider you a Field Partner).

Next, select your organization from the “Managed Field Partners” option.  This will take you to your Field Partner Dashboard.


Take < 5 Minute to Watch How to Sign In & access your Field Partner Account


Create your NWA Gives Fundraiser

Once you navigate to your Nonprofit Dashboard, you are ready to create your NWA Gives Fundraiser.  This should take you less than 5 mins (if you have the information you need).

Click “Create Fundraiser” in the top right corner to set up your fundraiser through our Fundraiser Wizard.  Make sure to choose “Your Fundraising Idea,”

Please name your Fundraiser
“NWA Gives: [Your Nonprofit Name]”

Once your fundraiser is created, please submit the URL via the form below for it to be added to the NWA Gives website.


Take < 4 Minutes to Watch How to Create Your NWA Gives Fundraiser


Submit your Pure Charity Fundraiser URL

In order to include your organization’s Fundraiser on NWAGives.org, please submit your Pure Charity Fundraiser URL via the form.

If any questions, please refer to the video in Step 3 to identify your Fundraiser URL.


Attend the next NWA Gives Webinar

As a part of supporting NWA Gives, there are training sessions to get you and your organization in the right position to have a great giving day.

Pure Charity has worked with many organizations on all kinds of Giving Days, and we want to be able to share those best practices, timelines, communication strategies, and more.  We have seen a direct correlation between the amount of preparation for a Giving Day and the results, so let’s get started early.

Upcoming Training Dates

Feb 12: Fundraising Kick Off: Elements of an Effective Fundraising Campaign
Feb 16: Making the Ask/Matching Grants
Feb 23: Branding your Campaign/Telling your Story
Mar 2: How to use Social Media Effectively
Mar 9: Involving key Advocates
Mar 15: Current Issues in Fundraising
Mar 23: Executing Giving Day
Mar 30: Thanking/Cultivating Donors

Pure Charity FAQs

How do I claim my Pure Charity account?

Once you register for NWA Gives, the Pure Charity team will create your Nonprofit Account and email you a link via email to claim your Nonprofit Account.

If you do not receive this link with five business days of registering for NWA Gives, please email nwagives@purecharity.com.

How do I log in to (access) my nonprofit account on Pure Charity?

Once you have claimed your Nonprofit Account, you can go to PureCharity.com and click the Sign In link at the top of the page.  You can sign in to Pure Charity via the email address and password you set when you claimed your Pure Charity account.

How do I reset my password on Pure Charity?

If you need to reset your password to access your nonprofit account on Pure Charity, go to PureCharity.com, click the Sign In link and select the option “Forgot Password?”

Enter your email address that you used to originally claim your Pure Charity account, and an email will be sent with a link that will allow you to reset your password and access your account.

How do I access my NWA Gives Fundraiser via Pure Charity?

Once your NWA Gives Fundraiser has been created, the easiest way to access this fundraiser is to return to your User Account Dashboard.

You can start by Signing In to Pure Charity and selecting the “Managed Fundraiser” option on your User Dashboard.  See the video walk-through below.

How can I view incoming donations to my Fundraiser?

From your Fundraiser Dashboard, you can easily view total funds raise, recent donations, and access all donations to view or export. See walk-through video below.

How do I handle receipting my donors for NWA Gives Fundraiser?

Pure Charity will automatically receipt all of the donors who give via your NWA Gives Fundraiser.

Pure Charity is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and all funds are being routed through your Nonprofit’s Pure Charity Donor Advised Fund. Therefore, you do not have to issue additional receipts to satisfy I.R.S. requirements.

However, we do recommend downloading the donation and donor information for thank you’s and further donor communications. Pure Charity will not be communicating or marketing to any donors who have given through your nonprofit account.

How do I request money from my fundraiser be sent to my nonprofit & download donor information?

For NWA Gives, our default method of funds distribution will be to send a physical check via mail within 5 to 10 business days to the address listed in your account profile.  If you require distribution of funds via ACH or Wire Transfer, please contact help@nwagives.org

Questions or Need Support?

Email: Help@NWAGives.com

Call or Text: +1 (855) 855-9594

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